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When They Were Young:

A Photographic Retrospective Of Childhood From

The Library Of Congress



Published in association with

The Library Of Congress


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The Library of Congress presents a collection of touching and timeless photographs of children from its extraordinary photographic archive. Married with heartfelt prose by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Coles and a foreword by Librarian of Congress James H. Billington, WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG is a beautifully illustrated portrayal of early life and the legacies that live on from coming of age.

WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG reveals that the experience of childhood is connected across time through a broad presentation of eloquent images. Spanning the history of photography from the daguerreotype to documentary, each tritone image in this volume is illustrated on a full page. Works by internationally renowned photographers such as Edward Curtis, Dorothea Lange, Lewis Hine, Jack Delano and others are included.

ROBERT COLES, M.D. is a world renowned child psychiatrist and best-selling author. Dr. Coles has published more than sixty books and received numerous awards including the Pulitzer Prize , the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the American Psychiatric Association Distinguished Service Award.

$39.95 cloth

ISBN 0-9670076-5-8 / 101/2x 111/2

78 full page tritone photographs

160 pages, PHOTOGRAPHY, Children, Art