The Elements of Organic Gardening

His Royal Highness
The Prince of Wales
with Stephanie Donaldson

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Verdant beauty

Jewels of inspiration
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His Royal Highness
The Prince of Wales has spent decades transforming the grounds of The Highgrove Estate into one of the finest gardens in the world. His strict adherence to organic principles has helped shape and define a garden that is both beautiful and environmentally sound. The Prince’s expertise in this area is at the heart of The Elements of Organic Gardening.

He writes, “Gradually, as you look further and deeper into the processes of Nature, you begin to realize that we ourselves are a microcosm of that vast, all-encompassing—essentially ordered—living entity. And the remarkable thing is that nothing is ever wasted. There is a constant process of renewing; of death followed by rebirth; of valuable materials being provided on a constantly sustaining basis, if managed with sympathy and continuity.”

The Prince of Wales, as Heir to The British Throne, seeks, with the support of his wife, to do all he can to use his unique position to make a difference in the United Kingdom and around the world. The Prince is well known for his love of gardening which is most fully realized in the gardens at Highgrove.

Stephanie Donaldson is the gardening editor, from 2000, at Country Living Magazine United Kingdom edition, and writes books on gardening and a variety of other subjects

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