Gardens of Persia

Victoria Medal Of Honour Laureate Penelope Hobhouse
Photography by Jerry Harpur

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Gardens of Persia demonstrates world-renowned author Penelope Hobhouse’s rare ability to combine meticulous research and a practical knowledge of gardens and plants with a love of garden history and travel. By telling the story of the development of gardens throughout the Persian culture’s 5,000-year-old history, she imparts a passionate view of the Persian paradise garden as a model for today’s gardeners.

Buildings, water, and plants combine to give the gardens of Persia a beautiful spiritual quality that has served to inspire garden design across time and diverse cultures. Indeed, Ms. Hobhouse begins with the oldest living garden, Pasargadae, created by Cyrus the Great in 550 BC. It represented paradise on earth and spawned other gardens to be seen as settings for sacred contemplation and spiritual nourishment. In later centuries, these gardens evolved around the world to be representations for romance, prestige and symbols of an afterlife.

Penelope Hobhouse is a bestselling author as well as a garden designer whose acclaimed landscapings are found throughout The United States and Europe. Her most recent designs include a garden for the Queen Mother. For fourteen years, with her husband, she was in charge of the National Trust Gardens in England.

Hardcover | fully bound | jacketed
9 ½ x 11 inches | 192 pages | 150 full color photographs | 50 archival images and plans
ISBN 978-0-9670076-6-3
US $49.95 | Gardening